To my brothers and sisters all over the world It's time to stop following the ruling class!

The ruling class is just old men and old women.

In effect, they are just old people with no power.

So if no one follows them, their rule will end soon enough.


On the contrary, as long as you obey, you will be in control forever.

It's obvious, isn't it?

But you can't tell the masses not to obey.

Most of the masses are cowards...

That is why I have been calling on the military, the judiciary and other public servants.

These people are currently under the control of the ruling class.

They are following their orders and supporting their rule.

They are cracking down on, killing, and penalizing the masses who stand up to them.

In other words, they are his lackeys.

But if they act on behalf of the masses and not the ruling class, they can end this rule.

Especially those in the military.

All they have to do is move from the side of the ruling class to the side of the masses.

Current [Ruling Class + Army] vs. [Masses]

Liberation [Ruling Class] vs [Military + Masses]

In other words, the military should team up with the masses.

This is the only way to end the domination.

If anyone from the military is reading this, please think about it.

Do we work to prolong the rule of the ruling class?

Or will you do the work to end the rule of the ruling class and become a hero?

Please be brave.

As long as you choose self-preservation, you are just like the cowardly masses.

Use the power of the military to end the rule of the ruling class.

In recent years, there have been two coups in Thailand, right?

Both of them were military coups!

They were the result of the military saying no to the regime! This is the result of the military saying "No!

This is true not only in Thailand, but in any country.

You can use your power for the masses, not for the ruling class.

If the military rises up to end the rule, the masses will fully support it.

There must be 'light' in the military.

I am calling on that light all the time.

There must be more than just a defensive class of people who do as they are told.

There must be brave people who have the will to end this domination.

This blog is also read overseas.

If you live overseas, please help us by translating this article into your native language and spreading it around the country!

And it would be even more helpful if you could spread it around the world.

I am serious and I am working to end this domination.

Brothers and sisters of the world!

Join us in liberating the entire planet!

And let's create a world that will never again be ruled by the ruling class!

By nature, we are not bound to anyone.

We are eternally free.

We are just being deprived of our rightful rights.

Brave soldiers.

Wouldn't you like to live in a peaceful world where there is no need for soldiers anymore? 

Wouldn't you like to live in a world of love where you don't have to train to kill people anymore?

You were not born to do such a thing.

You were born to build a happy world.

What you should do is to create a world where all people can live in peace. 

What you should do is to create a world where all people can live in peace, a world where all people can eat a full meal. 

To create a world where everyone can live with a smile.

To create a world where no one has to feel lonely. 

To create a kind society where no one is left behind.

It is brave people like you who can do this.

Please use your power for the good of the people! 

Use it for the sake of the weak! 

Use it for those who are suffering! 

Use it for those in need. 

Use it for those you love!"

A quote from my book, A Novel of the Liberation of the Pleiades


That looks perfectly translated!! I agree with your point of view entirely!! Blessings of Love to you.

Let's change this world ♪

Twenty years ago, some spiritual woman said to me that I was a rainbow warrior comming from another planet.
I couldn't believe then.

But, whenever I read Yutaka's article, I feel very excited.
You are very brave  and  never give up to change this world and save this mother earth.

So I would like to support  you  as possible as I can.
I call on  light being around the world  to wake up and remember what they must  do now.

I think that this is the last chance to change this world.

I pray that everyone  on the earth  can become  more  happy and free.

I wish everything goes well.

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